As coined by Bon Jovi "Who Says you Can’t Go Home?" but boy oh boy has it changed.  I think we need some music here………

We are in my home town of Brighton, Michigan.  After an 8 o’clock wake-up I laid down and fell back asleep until 11:30 am!  I guess all the travel caught up to me.  Once I was finally up and showered the kids were out playing and Pete was running so I ventured into my home town.  I grabbed my camera to get shots of the old buildings but was met with lots of new buildings.  Plus, there was a street fair going on.  I called my mom to bring the kids and join me.  She met me at a local pub/restaurant where we sat outside to enjoy a beer and watch some street performances.  I just soaked in the atmosphere.
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Then we walked around bought some "Brighton Bulldog gear" (my high school alma mater) for the kids and got tattoos (ok, just the fake ones).  It was great to walk around the place where I grew up and point out things to the kids (the mill pond where my brother and I fished, the location of my first job, the infamous "pink hotel", etc.).  The weather was nice but in Michigan fashion it is a little humid.  I realized the town has gotten younger and I have gotten older but it sure is good to be home.

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More to come so see ya soon live from the heart of the Midwest!