Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr… is cold outside!  And we sure are getting the rain. It rained all day today which is rare as the sun does not usually stay absent for too long in these parts.  The pool looks like it is about to overflow

So I have to talk about my lovely twins.  They were born one minute apart and could not be more different.  When I get out of the shower this morning this is the conversation we had:

Campbell Micky:  Mom, we need to cook dinner for the poor people.
Me:  Cook them dinner?  What do you mean?
Micky:  At school they want us to bring dinner for poor people.
Me:  Oh, you mean the canned-food drive to help the needy?
Micky:  Yes, today is the last day.
Me:  And you want me to gather some food for you to take in?
Micky:  yes……..I want to help them.
Joey interjects:  I don't want to give away our food.  Let's just make them a sandwich.
Me:  Joey, we cannot make them a sandwich and it is good to give to those less fortunate.
Joey as he walks away:  I still think we should just make them a sandwich.

Oh my, how did one turn out so sweet and caring while the other one is protective over his own stomach?

Today was the combined band concert for Tyler.  This is one of the events I am not fond of.  Not because I don't absolutely love seeing Tyler appreciate the Arts but I hate the logistics of such an event.  They combine all the school bands (elementary, middle & high school) and then they cram all the parents in one auditorium for 2.5+ hours where you listen to some crude renditions of Holiday songs.  The kids play their respective songs, then have to listen to the other bands.  Meanwhile, they start to fidget, pick noses, pick their neighbors noses, etc.  In the meantime parents get restless and start to cower when they see the behavior of their child. 
_TWB3955 _TWB3967 
_TWB3958 _TWB3976

This year they "fixed" the over-crowding by stuffing us the high school gym.  Yes, those bleachers are so much more comfortable.  I loved the fact that the lady behind me kicked my back the entire time and laughed that her "portly" (as she put it) legs have no where to go but in my back.  Tyler was up first and they played their three songs and then my A.D.D. kicked in and the walls started to close in, people were coughing and spreading germs, kids were picking noses……GET ME OUT OF HERE.  I felt like the Grinch.  Thankfully, I gave birth to the Grinch and at intermission he says "Mom, can we get the heck out of here".  He did not have to ask twice and we were out the door.  As a reward for getting me out of there I took him to McDonalds to get back our holiday spirit. 

I know this is direct payback for the 300 concerts my parents attended of mine.  I do happen to remember my mom sitting uncomfortably in bleachers and my dad was nodding off.  Funny how things go full-circle.
All I can say is thank heavens for contacts, braces and puberty……I was the one with the bowl cut and glasses.  Go ahead and laugh.  I am.