So I am not a shoe girl.  I do not get off having 200 pairs of high heels in my closet and just never got it when Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In the City went nuts over a pair of Jimmy A-Choo’s or whatever they are called. I am a sucker for a nice tennis shoe and even have been known to drool over a cute pair of Sketchers.  Today though I got it.  I spotted a pair of boots from across the room at Nordstrom’s and the light shone down and angels started signing "Hallelujah".  Ed_hardy_boot1They reached out to me and said "Buy Me".  I heard the music pipe up as I crossed the room and made contact with the leather.  Oh they even felt nice in my hands.  A masculine voice piped up "Would you like to try them on?".   I peered into his piercing blue eyes and acted like I shop in Nordstroms every day (actually I was there with a friend).  Well, they are beautiful, I was thinking.  And they do have my name written all over them (meanwhile nice romantic music playing in my head).  Hmmmmm, tip boot over and all the music stops, breaks screech and the sounds of ACDC’s "Hell’s Bell’s" starts to chime.  Now keep in mind, they were an artistic work of art but holy moly. 

Again "Miss, you want to try them on?"……Oh what the heck, friend is at make-up counter.  "Sure" I say with the utmost confidence like these even have a chance of walking out on my feet.  Heck, he knows by my bulging eyes that there was no way I was getting them but he was willing to play a bit so why not.  Oh they came in the most beautiful box.  Yes, even the box was a work of art!  Who is this Ed Hardy guy who can make such a pair of boots?

I put them on and I floated across the room.  Oh it was like wearing a work of art!  And boy did they make my feet and rear end look small (they should for that price!).  I walked with a strut in my step.  Oh Mr. Hardy, thank you for creating my most favorite boot but at this time I must decline and walk out with my Asics on my feet. 

So do you see this work of art (and yes, I know they are not for everyone but we all have to wear our own art and in this case I would gladly wear Ed Hardy’s art).  I have to work harder and glue more as those boots are clearly calling my name. So my new mantra will be MORE ART to WEAR ART! 

And here is how they looked on display at Nordstroms when they called me from the make-up counter.Pa010826_2

Now I know not everyone can hear the music but now I get it.  I did some reserach on Ed Hardy and he is indeed an artist, a tattoo artist!.  What an inspiration!  So Mr. Hardy………….I will create just to one day maybe don your footwear with pride!