I have been thinking long and hard about my word for 2015…..I struggled with it and thought about contentment, peace, simplify, relax.  Nothing seemed to suit me until I had an epiphany in the shower.  My word for 2015 is..


I love to write. I love to write in my journal, on artwork, and my blog. I love to share, it gives me a voice.  Sometimes it strikes a chord with others and sometimes it is just for me.  You cannot write on the run and it makes me be in the moment.


My Words for the past few years have been there and all served me well:

2014 -Believe

2013  – Breathe

2012 – Patience

2011 – Trust

All gave me great lessons and I feel 2015 is a year to share more of my story; the good, the bad, the ugly.  Share excerpts from my journals.  As we watched “Bridges of Madison County” the other night my daughter asked if she would get my journals.  After the initial panic of what she would read I decided that it is time to revisit those.  Through marriage, divorce, death, and other moments of truth in life I have grown.  What I thought I wanted did not come to pass but what came of it gave me the greatest lessons.  So with that let 2015 be the year of WRITING for me.


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What is your One Word of the Year?  Please share in the Comments………I love to share all year long and motivate one another!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Bring on 2015!

Sometimes what you don’t want is exactly what you need.  Sometimes what you’re most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free.  Some of the most incredible chapters in your life won’t have a title you feel comfortable with until much later.”