Every year I pick One Word for the Year.  This year’s word is…….POWER

For so long I thought I lost that power. I gave a lot of it away.  Along the way I have done that and reclaiming that power is my focus for 2018.  This past year has been one of new friendships, new directions, travel and adventure. It was one that taught me I never lost the power but I was just straddled by the struggles. The #1 thing I learned in 2017 is that it is all going to be OK.  No matter what you are going through it will be OK.  It will take time, hard work, steps forward, many steps backward. It will take a village to raise you sometimes but if you look around people who care are there.

People who have had similar struggles are there too.  People cannot guess your struggle so let them in.  The right ones will stay by your side. I have learned about standing up for myself, my family and those who I care about but sometimes standing up means staying quiet, sitting on your hands and seeing how it unfolds.  I have learned there are not so good people out there but if you surround yourself with the good ones that is the most important.  Everyone has stuff on their plate and their responses may be based on what they are going through.  Be there for others but remember you cannot fix their issues.  Be that soft place to land. Taking on other’s problems is not what you were set out to do but you can support, stand by, and uplift them.  Remind them that everything will be OK.  Stay away from the drama, remember there are always two sides to the story.  You never know when your story may help someone.  People will come and go in your life.  They are there to teach you a lesson.  Trust yourself to know you have the power to let them go, ask them to stay and more importantly kick them out.  I will always be learning.  I will make mistakes. I will fall but I will get up.

I will forever know that humor is my way of making those around me smile, laughter is the best medicine and sometimes you cannot hide behind it.  DO YOU as I always tell the kids.  There is no need to follow what everyone else is doing but listening to what YOU are about and taking those actions.  Life goes in full circle sometimes and make sure to keep your eyes and heart open because when one door closes there are more doors and windows to open (sometimes you have to beat the door down).   You may not always know where you are going but forward momentum is key.  Get up, get out, meet new people, drink wine (or grape juice), smile and know you just are not for everyone.  That is OK too.  Still be nice, gracious and mindful.

Some days you will feel inspired.  Some days just getting up and moving takes effort.  Let both happen.  Being creative is not always about the masterpiece or applause but about the little things; the good dinner you cooked, writing, starting a book, coloring, family time.  You need to define creativity for you.

Some things I want to focus on in 2018………finding what makes me happy. I have discovered I know what I like to wear, decor in my house, what I like to eat, etc. but what makes me happy and speaking up is hard.  Simply having those around me happy is wonderful but there is more to that.  The next lesson is in relaxation.  Going 100 miles per hour every day takes it’s tole and I need to enjoy the down times.  Juggling is hard to do and unfortunately most most have to.  I try to relax but in the background I have 100 things cooking and 1000 things on my mind.  Anyone want to join me?!  I will not use the word Balance.  Mine is one of more mindful moments, going to bed early if it suits me just to see the sun rise.

No New Year’s resolutions for me but I do know being outside and hiking makes me happy so moving my rear will be a priority.  Spending time with my ever growing kids and being good at my job are priorities.

I hope you will share your ONE LITTLE WORD with me.  I am prepping for CHA and have a cool prize pack I will send out to a random winner just for leaving a comment on this post!  I will award that the first week of February!

Leave a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts, insights and your lessons.  Thank all my friends around the world who are with me on this journey daily!  Happy Near Year to all!

Let go of the fantasy that you need permission to move forward with your life. – No one is going to give you the permission you need.  Don’t wait to be chosen or blessed by someone else.  The chosen and blessed ones choose and bless themselves, with heart-centered focus and consistent action.  Your life is YOUR choice!  Know this, choose wisely, and take action.”