The highlight of my days is watching this one……..working hard.


Watching her grow and learn…working with a team…  Working with a new coach who I think is so great for our high school girls basketball program.

Mick2 Mick3

Her work has led to the Varsity team for league to start.  I have told her all along…whether you play for JV or Varsity you give it your all.  You take every opportunity to learn and grow as a player.  It is great to see her work so hard.  Hard to see the long hours and her juggling homework but she is doing something she loves. I truly love watching her and is a gift to this mom’s heart.  With your children the losses are tough..while the victories are things to be amazed by.  Bless by watching my kids work so hard.

Every situation imaginable has hidden beauty in it if we’re willing to open up to it.  We do our best to embody this same mindset in every difficult life situation we encounter.  When we get ill, it’s a chance for us to rest.  When some unforeseeable event postpones one of our business projects, we spend more time with our family.  We choose to find beauty even when it’s buried beneath problems and pain.”