So I saved a couple of questions emailed to me so I thought I would have a mini Q & A (very mini)…

Dana asked me "How long does it generally take you to create a layout/altered art piece?" – 

Great question and I am embarrassed to say way too long but I am the type of person who starts a project and does not start another until the first one is done.  And my "Creative Process' includes checking my emails, throwing in laundry (the downside of having OCD and working from home), trimming a hangnail, surfing the channels for some stupid reality TV show, watching said stupid reality show and putting my feet up on my desk, etc.  So when you take out my hours of wasted time I would say that generally I try to complete 1 project per day.  Of late, a lot of photography work and admin stuff seems to be stuffing up that plan but that equates to me spending about 4 hours on a project (give or take my 2-4 more hours of wasted time). 

Helen in FL asked "Where do I get my inspiration?" —

Well, I think life is inspiring.  I am sometimes inspired by a picture I take, a pretty piece of paper, or just leafing through magazines I get my ideas.  For the most part, ideas, layout sketches, etc. pop into my head all the time.  I swear some of my best ideas have come while in the shower.  I will see a layout in my head and have to get out of the shower to jot down the idea (insert imagine of soaking wet towel-wearing mad woman running to her office).  My mind works a million miles per minute and as anyone who knows me can attest I rarely slow down unless I am sleeping (I dream creative stuff too).  I often use my center counsel in my truck as a desk to job down my latest idea.  Sometimes I have an abundance of creativity and sometimes the well just runs dry. 

Betty in MI asked "What time of day are you most creative?" —

Easy one, I am a night person (runs in my family).  You will never catch me working at 7 am as that is my grumpy time.  When the lights go out for everyone my eyes pop open.  Since my creative endeavors has become my business I am also getting in the routine of carving out time in the afternoon to work but that usually becomes time to deal with that admin stuff.

Gee, that was kind of fun so if a question comes up just pop me an email.  So I guess this is a good time to share my latest work.  I am working on lots of deadlines as it looks like I will start a very big project toward the middle of this month!  Nervous and excited!

So I created these layouts of Joey and Tyler from this past weekend with the new Scrappin Sports & More lines:

Almost time for the weekend………..guess where I will be?  Soaking in the dust of those baseball fields.