Here is the next page I want to share in my new Canson 9 X 12 Journal….again this was just another night full of art for me…..


Some photos in the creative process…..

Red3 Red4

MATERIALS LIST:  (DecoArt Products can be purchased online HERE)


Love the effect of the leaves…


I am working on new projects and videos to bring your way so you can see the entire process.  These were just to feel those creative muscles.  I hope you are doing the same!  Trust me…feels great!

Believe in yourself through tough times.  Believe in your capacity to succeed.  Believe that your relationships are worth the effort.  Believe that people make mistakes on their way to greatness.  Believe that people can be foolish and intelligent, selfish and generous, and stressed and happy all at once.  Believe that very few people hurt others on purpose.  Believe that there are many roads to what’s right.  Believe in your intuition, especially when you have to choose between two good paths.  Believe that the answers are out there waiting.  Believe that life will surprise you again and again.  Believe that the journey is the destination.  Believe that it’s all worth your while.”