Creativity for me takes muscles and those muscles need to be used and worked out.  I have been lax at not only working out physically but also avoiding those creative muscles.  I think one of the reasons I missed blogging so much was it is a creative outlet for me.  For me being creative is what defines me.  So to not work out those muscles stifles who I am.

CanvasWhile on my travels this summer we stopped in one of my most favorite stores in Chicago…Blick Art Materials!  (kind of my my own creative gym!). I picked up this plain canvas tote and knew it would not stay plain for long…

I brought it home and one evening decided that this was a blank canvas just waiting for me to turn it into something fun.  I went at it with:

And here is my new art bag to carry my watercolors, journals and art supplies……



I am ever so thrilled to work out those creative muscles and now have a handy bag to take to the soccer fields to sketch and paint.  So it is back to the gym and back to my studio for some creative workouts!


 Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.  ~Pablo Picasso