Dsc_4150Recently I decided to take on more projects that are "off the page" or out of the box.  Heck, I may even work on a box next.  I got these great Dream Keeper kits that OESD sent Dsc_4155_4 me to work with. They are these great bare chipboardDsc_4149_2 boxes/frames/albums that you decorate yourself.  I made this double frame last night.  They are really cool to work with and would be really great gifts.  I thought it was time I branched out a bit and when OESD asked me to work with these I jumped at the chance.  I am making their tea bag holder right now.  I am excited to make that one to house all my teas.  I am a sucker for a good cup of tea.  I love that I am stretching my creative wings.

I am also working on another album that I cannot share at the moment but will as soon as I give it.  It is so great to be so busy.  I go to bed every night with glue on my fingers and usually in my hair.  

Tomorrow Tyler turns in "our" Leprechaun Catcher project. Dsc_4147_2I have come to realize in the last few days to realize that I have turned into my Dad.  I remember all the help he provided on my school projects and how obsessed he got.  I was voted "Most Likely to Fly to the Moon in a Toothpick Spacecraft" because of his handywork.  That is so me now.  Here is the final project.  Tyler had to draw up conceptual and final plans.  We had better catch a darn Leprechaun after all my hard work LOL.  Next we are building a Mission.  Tyler is so lucky I have the patience for these projects.  Not to mention I have a studio full of art equipment to do these things.  Dad has the homework covered.