If you would have told me how this day would go I would not believe you!  My day started with a living legend in my very own living room to jumping in the air at the La Joella Cliffs…….I had to break this day into two parts.  Part I…..

Well, you never know who may show up on your doorstop and this was one of those days!  Today a special person was welcomed into our home.  Her name is Edith Shain and you may recognize her from this legendary Cover of Life Magazine in 1945!

Yes, here she is today at 90 years old in our home and what an honor it was to meet her.  
TWB_0230 TWB_0232 

This kids got a wonderful history lesson.  I showed them her picture and explained how it was taken in New York's Time Square on August 14, 1954 marking the end of World War II. She is an iconic image marking such an important time in American History. 

She so graciously autographed this calendar for the kids
TWB_0211 TWB_0214

As a prior kindergarten teacher Michaela took a liking to her instantly
IMG_1079 TWB_0200 
IMG_1081  DSCN0370  

One last picture before we part ways…..

Gee, you may be wondering how such an historic figured landed in my living room?  More details on that to come but just wanting to pinch myself.  Just thrilled out of my socks.  

And the day just started there…..Stay tuned for Part II