to have this very site selected as one of Typepad’s featured sites!  Click HERE to see what they had to say about my website.  What a cool honor!

"Speech………speech" roars the crowd.Badgetpfeaturedweblogv2

"Well since you asked.  I would like to thank everyone who has gotten me here today.  To my mom and dad for those coke-bottle glasses and braces.  Without those I would not be the person I am today.  To my friends and family who allow me to chronicle the times they spend with me. And for their patience because most of them know their story will become mine in some way.  To my third grade teacher who told me I would come out of my shell………I wish to this day that Mrs. Vukosovich could see that not only did I come out of the shell but I kicked it to the curb!"

So with that said I shall take my bonze statue and go sit down because the music is piping up.