Sorry I went a little MIA there for a bit.  I just got back from a trip with my friend to Las Vegas, NV to attend WPPI.  What a great time we had!  Saturday we packed up and headed out looking for adventure…

We arrived at the MGM at 6:30 pm and checked in.  I decided to go see if there were any tickets left for the Bon Jovi concert there that night.  The cheapest ones were $250/each so that was out of the question.  We headed up to our room to have a cocktail or two to celebrate a couple days off where we can see fellow photog buddies and submerge ourselves in photography education.  Little did we know that a few hours later us two Mamas would be at a Rock Concert!

Yep, we somehow landed ourselves with two floor seat tickets to the concert ($320 tics).  At about 8:15 pm we headed downstairs to just check out the ticket line where again we were stalked by scalpers for $250+ seats when out of the sky fell this Bon Jovi angel….she came right up to us in this crowded line and asked us to make an offer on her floor seat tickets as she had better tickets for being a fan club member.  We offered $100/each and just like that we were two rockin Mama's at a Rock Concert.  I swear I could not figure out where she came from and why us but let me tell you the Stars were aligned…..Rock Stars that is. 

P3062826 copy

Kelly and I literally kept hitting one another in disbelief that we were there.  The show was AMAZING!  Three hours of non-stop music and it felt like Jon was singing right to me (ok, don't tell Kelly because he really was but I made her feel like he sang one or two to her).  So just like that we were two traveling Mommy's to two rocking out Mamas!

Bon_Jovi copy

Three hours later, just after midnight we were eating Nathan's from the food court. Then it was on to sleep slumber to dream of Jon serenading us…..

P3062871 copy

So what happens to two Rocken' Mamas the next day you ask?  They turn into two grumpy 40+ women who realize that it was a lot easier at 20-something to go to a rock concert and be able to concentrate the next day.  We were yawning all day but still grinning that we still had it going on.  It was the best time ever!  I particularly want to thank Bon Jovi for signing Hallelujah………..absolutely magical and capped the night for me.