I realize that I should probably mention my experience at WPPI other than the rock concert.  It was great!  I must admit that although I had my camera gear on hand I did little other than use my little point & shoot and my iphone to get pictures!  Shame on me but the weekend was really about learning new photography techniques and sharing this with my photog buddies.

WPPI2010_LV-3072900 copy WPPI2010_LV-3072901 copy
WPPI2010_LV-3102911 copy WPPI2010_LV-3062824 copy

These girls are great..we all share this insatiable passion for photography and love hanging out.  And the wealth of information through classes and the trade show itself was over-whelming. 

We had such a great time and by the time Kelly and I loaded up to head back to San Diego we were tired but refreshed, happy but laughed out, and both missed out kiddos tremendously.  Although we are still two hip, cool moms (in our own minds) we are first and foremost moms to some great kiddos.  The best part of the whole trip was coming home to three cuddling kids.  But don't get me wrong when they dumped all their laundry for me I was immediately thinking of those morning mimosas Kelly and I had.  Man, I miss those….

Thanks Kel and all you girls for a great time……..viva WPPI!


WPPI2010_LV-3092908 copy