A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I was Stepping Up for a good cause.  I am on a quest to see the 6th Graders raise $18K for Camp!  I have two 6th Graders so this is my last volunteer gig (I am keeping my helium arm down).  If you like candles the twins and I are selling Yankee Candles.  If you are local and want to see an order form just let me know.  I will personally deliver them!  I mean the twin’s will personally deliver them LOL.



If you not local and want to order contact me and you will save on shipping.  I will personally deliver (or the twin’s will!).  Here is the information to order online and have shipped direct to you:

My group, MT   WOODSON E S -6TH GRADE CAMP, has just kicked off our   Yankee Candle® Fundraiser and I need your help! We are raising funds for   special programs and materials. Our group earns 40% of every dollar you   spend.

Simply   click   here to see the exciting collection of America’s Best Loved Candles™,   candle accessories, flameless fragrance and assorted gift wrap. Shop online   24 hours a day, 7 days a week – everything is shipped directly to you.

If   you don’t click on my link listed above, you need to enter my Group Number 990059467 and   my Seller ID   Tracy24 in   order for me to receive credit.

Click   here for my site

If   you are having trouble with the above link, you may copy and paste the   following link in to your browser:

Our   fundraiser will be running from 08-Nov-2013 through 18-Nov-2013. Please   help me by placing your order before the end of our sale. You can continue to   order all season – my group will receive credit.

If   you have any questions, just reply to   this email and it will be sent to me.

Thanks,   my group and I really appreciate your support!

Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos


The great news is I either go out of the twin’s school with a bang or with seventy-five 6th graders camping in my living room!  I can do this!  Thank to any and all who can order and no obligation at all!


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