Today was our first day of summer and I looked forward to sleeping in.  Joey had something else on his mind.  At 7:00 am I crack my eyes open to see him standing there staring at me with a pen and his yearbook.  "Mom, will you sign my yearbook".  Seriously KID!  It is 7:00 am!  Cut a mom a Break.  Nintendo_wii_1To which I replied "Jo, is there any way I can sign it when my eyes are open and I can think?".  Without a thought he says "Sure Mom, no problem".   

Today was all about R & R however I did run to about 5 stores looking for Tyler’s birthday present.  Yes, I am one of 500 moms looking for a Wii for her son.  So, if anyone has a lead please let me know.  I will be calling every store for a vagabond shipment.