Now I know most mother’s celebrate their Mother’s days with brunches, lunches, flowers, etc.  I did get one of those items (2 dozen beautiful roses from Pete) but I chose to celebrate my Mother’s Day at Kids day at the Ramona Rodeo (go ahead and laugh).  Yes at 11 am on Sunday I had three kids in the middle of a rodeo arena where I was stepping on fresh horse/bull patties, sweating my rear end off and chasing down my three kids.  It was loads of fun (again proceed with laughter).  I think this photo sort of sum’s up how I was feeling (Thanks Brenda for this candid shot!)
Ramona_rodeo_08_039It was at this point I realized my hot jeans were not going to cut it.

This was where I could of run one of those Visa commercials…..

$40 for junk food,

           $20 for rubber band shooter (another stupid move but I swear the sun was getting to me),

                         $10 in slurpees & candy,

                                       $10 for a ridiculous photo

                                                                                   TIME WITH KIDS………..priceless

Truthfully, we had a great time (when I was not yelling at them) and we sat with some great friends.  I do have to say the shot of beer I had (another $4) cooled me down briefly.  The rodeo was great and the kids all had a great time.  And isn’t Mother’s Day all about how much fun the kids are having?  Oh wait, that is Kid’s Day……….gee, every day is Kid’s Day around here.                                                                                 

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