You never know when you do or say something how it will come full circle until that moments happens.  Today that moment happened for me.  Five years ago I sent a prayer quilt to my grandma that was made by ladies from my church.  I have always admired their quilts and artisty from afar and when I saw you could have a quilt made for someone in need I requested one for my grandma who had gone into Hospice care.  Little did I know that my grandma would "graduate" from Hospice on the living side and give us five more years!  She was one strong lady.  I received so many cards, emails and texts from her recent passing and I am ever thankful.  

Today I received two pieces of mail that made sending that quilt to my grandma so much more special.  My mom sent it back to me with this letter:


"Dear Tracy, As I pack this lovely item, I think of how happy Grandma was when she received it from you guys.  Her eyes lit up knowing it where it came from.

As I reflect here on Grandma's life I think how truly humble she was, her only concern in her life was her family and their families.  My childhood was simple and I wouldn't change a thing.   I guess we are all equipped with everything we need to do the job that's needed to be done.  As long as we do what is right, life has a way of turning out the way it is supposed to.

 Tracy, let me tell you how proud I am of how you turned out.  Hearing you speak at the memorial made me see how mature you are  Life has taken us in many different directions, but because we all had a Norh Star to follow we landed on our feet.  Our (North Star) is faith and hope.  Something Grandma had plenty of in her life.  She didn't have earlthy possessions but her heavenely possessions are great and she earned them all.  As I see you go through life I see how much of Grandma you have in you.  Her strength, courage, strong will and generaous heart.  She influenced you greatly.  

Always remmeber we are here to help in any way we can.  Our goals in life are our kids and our grandkids.  We dreamed of our kids having a good education and a prosperous life.  Well two down, and five more to go.  You and Tim earned a good solid education and you are both beautiful and responsible adults.  Our goal is getting those grandkids a promising future and responsible and purposeful life.  Remember we have your back.

We Love you All, Mom
PS You have an angel watching out for you!"


I am grateful to see this quilt and am ever mindful of what you put out you get back.  I got five more years with my grandma and this quilt back that I know made her happy.  To the ladies of my church, thank you for that gift you gave using your Artistry.  You never know when you speak something, write something, paint something, sew something the lasting effect it will have.  So putting out the good stuff is a safe bet every time.  

My grandma used to love to knit and we had blankets, scarves, slipper booties (I had them in every color!) and she was always knitting.   What a fun memory for me to have.  I sure wish I still had those knitted booties (she even knitted them or my dolls).  


May I grant my kids the same simple lessons and opportunities that were given to me.  I don't always have the words to say to them, especially my teenager however I made him stop and read this letter and told him "this is all I want for you".  Thanks Mom for those words.  I could not have send them better myself.

Thanks to Aunt & Uncle too for the beautiful card.  That week home was a truly a gift for me too! ♥


"The most valiant thing you can do as an artist is inspire someone else to be creative." – Joseph Gordon-Levitt