Lately I have been updating my business plan, my art in my studio and my purpose and I came across this quote…

"You have to put yourself out there if you want the universe to come rushing in".

How true that is and I have never felt so OUT THERE in my whole life.  Prior to my 40's I was a keep to myself kind of girl with a quiet flare for art.  I find myself lately thinking about my purpose and what am I doing to further that purpose……..empowerment.  One little but mighty word.  Empowerment.  I am rooting myself on daily to empower who I am to be totally myself.  

Many fellow artists, moms, and friends have thanked me for putting myself out there and sharing who I am (my humor, the good times, the not so good times, the weak mom moments, the mighty mom moments, the art mistakes that happen LIVE, the art journals that jumps off the table, etc).  I often find myself wondering "Why Me?" (asked HERE) and the answer keeps coming back Why not?  I do have a voice.  I am passionate about what I do and want those around me to share that excitement and passion. Find what excites them so they can totally be themselves.  Maybet they take something I do to empower and uplift.  So in updating my "business plan" which I find quite silly but necessary…….I found myself saying I want to encourage others to empowered as women, moms, artists and more.  If I am not willing to put myself out there how can I expect others.  

As I sit here in bed making some notes on my laptop, reading a great book and art technique book I wonder how many of us are afraid to put ourselves out there and do what we love. Maybe someone has put you down, held you down or in my case……..I did that to myself.  

So when others who don't get what I am about or look at my art with crossed eyes…………I remind myself that I am just me…I am one who likes to share my art, myself, my family, my art journals that jump off tables, my singing LIVE every Monday (sorry about those sour notes), make others laugh/smile, etc. that I hope will get you thinking about who YOU are.  I love sharing who I am while having a positive impact on those who cross my path (so many amazing people!).  

And for that…I share this photo:


no make up, dog toys under my bed that Penny hides there daily, my evening tea, my tutu hanging from my mirror from my Trapeze lesson (I felt empowered doing that), purple scarf from my Relay for Life walks (giving back is empowering!), "Inspiring" on the wall, no make-up, just me.  Why not?

Now I remember whyI should not go to bed with my laptop a.k.a my satellite office.  My pour mind will not shut down.  All part of my purpose…what's yours?  I feel that Universe knocking on my door!  


"Passion is a funny thing.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t block your inner spirit from the ideas that move you at your core.  Trying to do so is an exercise in futility.  It’s like tearing your mind and heart away from each other and expecting to feel healthy inside.  Honestly, when it comes to your passions you just have to go for it.  Don’t get lost in apprehension.  Give yourself a chance.  Don’t be afraid to jump if the path in front of you indicates that one is necessary.  You can’t safely cross a chasm with a hesitant step.  Take the leap and go find the place that you’re wishing for."