Today I read this quote:

"Gosh, sometimes to hear you talk, or to listen to you think, one could get the impression that you have absolutely no idea of how extraordinarily well you use your gifts, or of the difference you've been making."

and it got me thinking that one truly does not know the impact you have in others lives.  There are many occupations like teachers who can get a daily hug or see a lighbulb go off in a child as they grasp a new skill, or they run into a student years later and hear the impact they made but for many that influence you have on someone is unmeasurable.  As an artist it is scary to put yourself out there and wonder if crickets will be chirping or if just one person will go I like that.  Every Monday when I get on the internet LIVE and people tun in I wonder about that impact.  I mean why watch me glue some pieces of paper together.  Sure we have fun and we laugh but what is it that keeps people coming back……………..INSPIRATION. 

I know for myself when I see a fellow artist and I take an element or learn a new technique I carry that into my own art.  So just maybe I have that same impact on a few others.  Now more than ever I feel that way and it humbles me.  It inspires me right back and when I see an idea of mine from my art journal grow wings and fly it comes back to me ten-fold.  I get it……….I so get it!

So two weeks ago I shared my take on going from art journal to canvas (SHARED HERE) and you guys gave it wings!

Like this one from Susan Garman


and this one from Dawn Lotharius

This one from Jean Marmo!


and this one from Connie Mercer (Helmar Designer!)

and this one from Beck Beattie (Helmar Designer)

So as I sit in my studio today I am filled with the the slight sense of the positive impact I have on the world.  It may be a small impact but it is every so mighty to me.  And to think……It all started with one little heart and you people know how much I hate those hearts Isn't it ironic?  I thank you all for sharing with me and inspiring me right back! 


"Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission. The admitting is often very difficult." ~Julia Cameron