Moving My Rear

This is what I know for sure……..when I move my rear I feel better!  Yep, it’s as simple as that.  However, the getting up to actually move  my rear is the hard part.  That time in the morning when the cool breeze hits my face […]

Mixed Media Monday 8/18/14 – “Serendipity”

I am so HAPPY to be back this week with Mixed Media Monday!  What a great Monday it was!  Last night was a mix of mediums with bright, vibrant colors.  Here is what I painted LIVE this Monday… MATERIALS LIST Grumbacker Watercolors Opaque and Transparent Tombow […]

Taking in the last summer days….

It seems like just yesterday was our Summer kick off pool party but this past week we had our back to school pool party…… am I the only  one who things summer just flew by!  Where did the time go?  Glad these friends got to […]

Super Moon August 2014

Last week the Super Moon was shining bright and I decided to capture it the best I could.  I don’t consider myself a photographer so not so easy for me but fun to try……..       Pretty amazing sight to see and love capturing […]

More than a shirt….a mantra

Last week I had the pleasure of crashing my friend’s birthday breakfast.  Us girls always try to gather for birthday’s but being busy moms it is not easy.  I think between us we have over 15 kids so it is not easy.  But so worth […]

Life……Never One Thing at a Time

Last week I got that dreaded call “Mom, I was in an accident”.  It’s the call you know as a mother before words are spoken that something is not right.  EVERYONE OK! Fender Bender (or so we thought).  Actually the other car OK but our […]

Make the Moments count….

I am a water person.  I love to be by the water, on and around it.  So when I met a man who fishes and captain’s boats that was a great day.  I now find time to walk, see the marina’s and check out more […]

Travel Art Journaling – Part 2

Last week I shared PART 1 of my latest travel art journaling.  AND GIVEAWAY announcement so don’t forget to check it out HERE!   Now I want to share some more idea pages that I worked on while I was traveling to and from Georgia […]