It has been one heck of a busy week since I updated last Sunday.  I saw Garth Brooks.  I traveled to DecoArt in Kentucky and all of which I am grateful for. More about that later.

This weekend has me reflecting on this past year that has flown by.  Oh so many changes.  This weekend one year ago I got married.  There was a hub of activity shared HERE.  My friends came together and made me do things I was not even sure I wanted.  They were right.  They took me dress shopping, threw a party and were so amazing…….we lost one of our village who was the cruise director on so many things……


I did love that dress they were so patient picking out….

Tracy_John 508

And……I wore “the shoes“.Tracy_John 555

My fella wore his “annual” pants….Tracy_John 489

It was a blending of families….Tracy_John 459 Tracy_John 460and we celebrated with family and friends……

Tracy_John 322

It has not always been easy. This I can say for sure. We took on a lot in this year……like adding on to the house, landscaping, new job for me, travel, blending kids and balancing it all.  Some days have been diamonds and some stone.  We have agreed and some days we did not.  We are are different in so many ways yet the same.  There are challenges to blending a family/kids and it takes work.  You just hope and pray you are doing your best.  Our morals and values are in sync and we are on the same page (even when that does not win the popularity contest).  He still makes me laugh and for that I am grateful….

Tracy_John 598At the end of the day we are a team.  That is what matters.  I am beyond grateful for my family, friends, my job and for this fella who has been my rock for the last few years (even when I was not so loving or trusting).  Yes I was a woman who could do it all…he made me realize I no longer needed to.  Yes he knows a little bit about a lot….I make him see that maybe there is another way and we meet in the middle.

Tonight I will adorn “the shoes” and he will put on his “annual” pants and we will celebrate.  We will laugh at the earth mover that was in our backyard the day after we said “I do” and remember those who are not here today but that led us to be together.  My company proudly bears my name Weinzapfel… being and life proudly is Mrs. Stratton.

You won’t always have it easy, but there is always a reason to be grateful.  And the greatest gift of your gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”