Music On My Mind

Today Tyler came home with a permission slip for band.  They offer it at 4th grade and he is real excited to play.  He wants to play the flute and/or clarinet.  I chatted with the band director to see if there were boy flute players […]

New Projects

Today I went to a Pilates/Yoga class and loved it.  I am actually sore.  I am getting kind of bored at the gym so decided to switch it up a bit.  The twins and I ran about 7 errands after the gym and then I […]

Another Busy Day

Today I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things.  Before I even dropped Tyler off at school I had caught up the laundry, straightened up the house, took out the trash, and cleaned the kitchen.  So I was able to go […]

First Day of School!

Today was the big day that Tyler started 4th grade. He was so excited.  He was up about 6:30 am and got ready, fixed his lunch and had breakfast all before I was even out of bed.  I was excited for him.  We took our […]

Michigan Vacation Re-Cap (Long and worth skipping)

Our vacation to Michigan was so much fun.  We fit in as much as we possibly could and loved seeing everyone: Friday August 11 – Landed about 5 pm and went straight to my parents house where we met up with my brother Timmy, Allison, […]

Crop Night

Last night my girls came over and we scrapbooked.  It has been forever so what a great time we had!  It was Shelly’s birthday so we did our usual celebration.  Shelly even loved her cake that was tossed in upside-down in my car (that is […]

Sleeping in San Diego

Yesterday I laid down after dinner to read and relax at about 7 pm.  The next thing I know the twins were waking me up at 7:30 am!  I could not even remember what I did last night, nor do I remember any of the […]

Tooting the ole’ Horn…

Today Uchida emailed two more ads they did using my work.  I just love their advertising department.  These two pages will be published in Simple Scrapbooks and one more magazine (not sure which) in the near future: