Today I woke up early to get Tyler to baseball practice by 8:00 am.  Little did I know that an hour later we would be in an ER!  All it took was one line drive to the head and we were headed to the hospital.  […]

Day of R & R

Today was our Spa Day.  My mom, myself and my friend Susan went to La Costa Spa & Resort for a day of pampering.  I have never been an advocate of facials and massages but this is truly a day to rejuvenate yourself.  With everything […]

Creative Stretch

One of the reasons I love working with a variety of design teams is challenging myself to work with new mediums.  FiberMark has the most unique "papers".  I had a quick assignment to work with their Almond Weave and Canvas line which are fabrics.  I […]

Face Lift!

Ok, not my face but my blog face.  Thanks to collaborative efforts with Alisha my site got a new look and banner.  I still have to fine tune things but am loving the new look.  Thanks Alisha!  You are a true gem!  I also have […]

Family Day

I am thankful for days like today.  First off I was able to sleep in until 10:30 am.  For those who know me scrapbooking is my Passion but sleeping is my favorite thing to do.  Crazy I know but I am not one of those […]

“My” Life is Gone

well, it is gone for at least the next 4 months.  Today Tyler had basketball pictures at 9:00 am, basketball game at 11:00 am, ANOTHER basketball game at 1:00 pm and then a baseball meeting at 4:00 pm.  And that was only one child!  Baseball […]

Got Tagged

Alisha Tagged me so here goes nothing…. Three people/things that make me laugh:  my family (that counts as 4) and the stupid things I do (which is quite a few) Three things that scare me:  Scorpians, public speaking, falling from high places. Three things I […]

Daily Happenings

I am busy as ever but nothing very interesting.  It has been colder than usual (however if you ask my dad it is warm by his standards).  I promised that picture of us at baseball when it "snowed" and here it is.  Kind of hard […]