Yeah, I am gluing things again.  I made two gifts and will be mailing them tomorrow so no peeking Char and Megan.  First, I created this frame for Megan. And I made this mini book for Char to thank her for her hospitality while we […]

Bon Voyage!

OK, not really but maybe someday.  Today we went to the post office and applied for passports!  So on my Life List I wanted to possess a Passport.  The second half of that is actually using it but first things first.  I had picked up […]

Dinner for Three

Tonight I had dinner with two friends, Tracy and Polly.  We go back over 6 years when we worked together to two special friendships in my life.  I always enjoy getting together with them and catching up.  There may be tons of stuff going on […]


Darn I have a cold!  Yesterday we went to the beach and by the evening I was sneezing and felt horrible. Why me??  I guess taking plane rides, lack of sleep and being in a convention center with tons of people is conducive to a […]

Catch-up Day & CHA Photos

Lots of CHA photos to share: Today I hit the ground running after catching up on my sleep.  I also went to work for a couple of hours.  Other than that 8 loads of laundry kept me busy.  The kids loved all the candy I […]

O’Hare Update

I am sitting in the airport coming to you LIVE and TIRED! My what busy and fun-filled days I have had.  Where do I begin?  I should first and foremost mention that teaching the make ‘n takes at the Helmar Booth was so great.  I […]

CHA Up-date

Hello from beautiful Chicago.  The weather is perfect. The weatherman even compared it to San Diego LOL  I got a kick out of that.  The first day of Summer CHA is over.  It was overwhelming and fun.  I taught make ‘n take classes at the […]

CHA or bust!

Here I come Windy City!  I leave at the crack of dawn tomorrow for Chicago!  I had to get in one more beach day today.  It was fabulous!  The weather was perfect, the waves were high and I had great company with Lisa and Kelly.  […]