Announcing the Helmar USA Design Team!

                                                               WOW, let me tell you there was a wealth of talent that applied for our first design team.  I am thrilled to announce the official Helmar USA Design Team: Tracy Weinzapfel Burgos, Design Team Coordinator Jenna Franklin Amber Hillman Laura Achilles Carla Schauer Tish […]

My Kids know Me

This morning I took advantage of my last day to sleep in.  Pete and Tyler were off early for a day of paint-balling leaving the twins and I to do something.  They bounded into my room and asked me if we could go the park.  […]

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to wish everyone a…………                                                            Tomorrow we will be cooking the big dinner here.  We like to do that just for the leftovers!  On this Thanksgiving Day I am thankful for my family, wonderful friends, my creative spirit, God, the beautiful music that […]

Clear Scraps Projects

Catching up here so make sure to arrow down and catch three posts posted in a short amount of time.  Nearing the end of November and I completed my projects for Clear Scraps: "Seven" Acrylic layout of the twins from their birthday:      Then I completed […]

Monday High Tea

Today I had the pleasure of hosting a real tea party.  I invited the girls over to have tea and decided to make it kid-friendly and fun.  Michaela and Shannon donned their finest princess attire.  Our boys were the servers and took their jobs very […]


or "Good Afternoon" in Japanese.  The twins selected their birthday dinner or in this case, lunch at Benihana's Restaurant.  These kids have expensive taste but hey, if it gets me out of a party of 20 screaming 7 years olds than count me in.  We […]

Totally Twilight Addicted!

So my friend passed on that book Twilight to me and I decided to give it a go since I love a good vampire story and oh boy do I love it.  I started it last night and got halfway through it.  I called Victoria […]

Going into the weekend……….

Check this out!    That was cool to see in our local paper! So this is the first weekend in a number of months where we do not have any sports!  WOO HOO.  The kids are on vacation for the week and I some fun things […]