Family Shoot

Last weekend I had the honor of shooting a very special family.  The parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniverary this year and to hear them talk about their family and what they have "built" was wonderful.  I had only hoped that my photos would […]

Creative Chaos

The story of my life of late has been creative chaos.  Strangely, I like it that way.  I have several creative projects in the works.  My UPS, Mailman and Fed Ex guy and I are strangely on first named basis now as they are making […]

Not so attractive video

Well, the video has surfaced and against my better judgement I am going to embarrass myself.  Without much further ado, here is me stuffing a pancake down my throat for a $10 Starbucks giftcard (and I don’t even drink coffee!)

I found my calling

So tonight I think I found my calling and it was in church of all places.  Yep, I found something that I am good at.  Tonight I took the kids to church for the pancake dinner.  They had a pancake eating contest.  The kids went […]

Glance of Lance – Part II

Well, my quest to see Lance Armstrong was partially successful.  I did get a Glance of Lance but did not realize it.  Kelly and I set out at 10:00 am to get a good "seat" (forgot the seats) for the Tour of California bike race.  […]

Glance of Lance Tour 2009

So on my Life List I have "Touch the Yellow Jersey from the Tour de France".  Now that may not happen immediately but I have faith.  In the meantime I have a new quest and it is my "Glance of Lance" Tour 2009.  And Lance […]

Creativity Abounds!

Today something happened that rarely happens in this household……..we were done with all sports by 11:30 am!  Joey had a scrimmage at 8:00 am but went with our friend's so I could go to Tyler's basketball game.  It was a great game which I am […]

Back To Mother Nature

Today Kelly and I returned to Mother Nature for our walks on the mountain.  This is the first time in two months and let me tell you we were both huffing and puffing like two smokers running a marathon.  I felt things jiggling and wiggling […]