Snow in Sunny San Diego!

Yep, it's true!  This weekend they had been predicting snow even at our house and the kids were waiting and waiting.  Last night on either side of us it seemed it snowed but at our house it was just slush falling from the sky.  So […]

Make the most of it!

Ok, no drink paintings today but I feel another one blossoming so don't count that out yet.  This journal page was just about playing on the page and I just had to use GLUE (I go through withdrawal if I don't use it every day […]

I found my Creative Calling!

Seriously….I think I found my art calling and the inspiration was right in front of me the whole time!  I seem to have a knack for painting drink glasses!  Who would have thunk it!  Now before any of you jokesters make any wise cracks I […]

Inspiration from Girlfriends!

Starting out today with a Thank You for the comments and emails.  Love to think that a) anyone is reading this blog and b) they take time to email me and even better when c) they are inspired to "Do Something Creative Every Day" such […]

Father/Daughter Dance

Michaela had her Father/Daughter dance at school this past week and this mommy was so excited for her.  I bought 8 dresses for her to select from and was so happy when she picked out the one with polka dots and butterflies (two of my […]

Furball Mayhem!

We interupt this Creative process for a word from our sponsor………Penny (aka "The Furball").  It has been a couple of days of pure mayhem this week!  Here is the Queen of Sheeba on her perch….   Yes she looks innocent, right?  I mean look at […]

Watercolors, Paints and Glue OH MY!

I have delved into the world of paints!  Water color and acrylic paints!  I never in a million years considered myself a painter but here goes nothing.  Started simple and so enjoyed drawing and painting.  I came off the page with Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots!  […]

Still Playing in my Creative Journal & Walking against Cancer!

Do you ever feel like you are trying to find yourself in your Art?  That is what this creative journey in my Creative Journal feels like.  Do I prefer a certain medium?  What am I comfortable sharing or drawing?  What are my favorite colors?  What […]