Birthday Month GIVEAWAY #4 – May Arts Ribbon!

May is not over and I am still celebrating my Birthday Month!   I have the 4th GIVEAWAY….. A great big THANK YOU to my FOURTH Sponsor and giveaway this MONTH…..May Arts Ribbon.  I LOVE their ribbons.  Who would not love Birthday presents from them?! […]

National Hardware Show 2013…Working Vegas

Last week I got back from Las Vegas where I attended the Natoinal Hardware Show with Viewtainer.  It was great and a lot of work…     It was so fun to experience a whole new show.  I had little time to go about and […]

Create a Life

I saw this and posted it on Facebook: It has been a task for me and oh boy has my life changed from a year ago.  Taking stock in the leaps and changes that I made….I created.  I had a friend message me: "….how did […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 5/13/13 – Express Yourself

Monday I returned LIVE for Mixed Media Monday after a week off for work travel.  I had a great time but was excited to return back to my studio and get that paint brush in my hand.  It was the last page of my 10 […]

Life List – Check Check!

The past few weeks have been busy, amazing, challenging and blessed.  That is the only way to put it.  The challenges have a way of working themselves out but it takes time, energy and patience (prayer!) to get through.  For those who know me I […]

43 and Flying Free!

Well yet again I took to the skies for my birthday!  At 40 I experienced a hot air balloon, 41 was the trapeeze lessons and at 42 I took a bi-plane ride with my dad.  So at 43 I had no idea what was next […]

Birthday Month GIVEAWAY #3 – Genuinely Jane

I am back from a mini  BIRTHDAY getaway and from the National Hardware Show where I had a GREAT time!  Last Saturday was my officaly birthday and what an amazing day/weekend and month it has been.  AND….we are only halfway there!  43 and the NEW […]


Week #2 of my Birthday and I am so excited to share another one of my favorite products with you as my birthday give to you! I am officially 43 as of Saturday ans so far so good!!   Remember I posted GIVEAWAY #1 HERE […]