Licensed to Drive…

Thursday was one of those days as a Mom you look forward to and dread all at the same time.  In the midst of their teens, making your way through them hating you and then loving you when they need something the age of 16 […]

6th Grade Camp!

I have had a quiet house this week because the twin’s left for 6th grade camp on Monday!  They were both so excited and I was excited for them.  This is what it looks like when you send two of them….   I asked them […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 1/27/14 – “Love Grows”

Yesterday was a great day!  I had the pleasure of seeing the twin’s off to 6th grade camp and it was Mixed Media Monday!  How can you beat that?  I felt so inspired and I was really looking forward to our creative time.  Here is […]

New Things from the Studio……..

I am excited to share that things are happening from my Studio.  Last week I sold many pieces locally and this thing called Art I love so much needs a new Home online.  So This is what is new:   Click HERE:     An […]

Embrace the Artist…….

One of my favorite things as an Artist is working with DecoArt  and the many adventures this has brought for me.  The word Artist is not so easy to roll off the tongue.  From this place of Art and being an Artist I have been […]

Painting on the Beach…..

This past weekend I was able to clear the schedule for a few hours in the morning to take a painting class with my friends Stephanie Ackerman and Sue Alemand.  I was glad I signed up for the class to make a Vision Board Canvas […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 1/20/14 – Watercolor Cards

Mixed Media Monday was another great night in the Studio.  I just love sharing time with my Dad in there!  He is so much fun and I know he enjoyed it too (he secretly loves the spotlight).   This monday was about keeping it simple […]

Tracy Weinzapfel Studios Wins…. Most Organized

It have been very busy and I wanted to share the latest exciting news from my Studio.  Professional Artist Magazine picked my Studio as “Most Organized”:   You can read about it HERE: That was great to see..lots of fun things happneing in the […]