Pamo Winery Wine Glass Class

What a great class on Saturday at Pamo Valley Winery!  I just love to meet new people and share my passion for art.  Thank you ladies for all who joined us!! It is such a great location and the owner, Jennifer is a doll!   […]

To my Family…

In the days leading up to our wedding and following I will say that the time spent with my kooky and crazy family was the best…..   What is not to love about these people?   Ok, so maybe when we go anywhere public we […]

Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 4

The wedding is over and the thank you’s have just been mailed.  I had tunnel vision to that date making sure all the details were perfect.  They were.  From the dinner the night before thrown by wonderful friends to the day of it was amazing. […]

Mixed Media Monday 11/24/14 – “Blessed”

Back to Mixed Media Monday and married!  In the midst of construction and lots of things upside down it felt good to be back and paint on Monday with you all!  Perfect for Thanksgiving week, here is what I painted LIVE… MATERIALS LIST: DECOART MEDIA LINE […]

Life is Busy…Sunday Time Out

Sometimes a time out is needed.  Post wedding and now construction has taken over. The sound of jack hammers and back hoes has invaded the land.  This weekend I needed a little time out to relax and also get some work done. Just few weeks […]

7 X 10 Art Journal by Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Back in June I started this 7 X 10 Art Journal and had no idea the journey it would take me on.  The colors are vivid…the theme is positive and the art is from my heart…..   I look back and know where and when […]

The Art before the Chaos…another chapter

Last week the calm before the “storm” of everything found me in my Studio with a quiet moment.  Between the work of manicures, dress fittings, pre-wedding details, phone calls, working on tans lines, and before the numerous trips to the airport to pick  up family […]

Mad Musings of a Bride – Part 3

This is what happens when you have a wedding (well a second one).  You don’t want it to be a big deal, you want to share it with family and friends and then realize there are limited seats, travel arrangements, Vegas could work but darn […]