A year has passed.  It’s hard to believe.  Some days it seems like a life time, some days it seems like a minute but it has been one year.  A loss to our village, a crack in our foundation.  It’s a team missing that one player.

The kids are out of school…..the memories are so bittersweet.  The kids did not all jump into the pool together with us yelling and counting (and then re-doing it because someone pushed Tay in).  They are older, we were busy, it was not the same.  Things change and this I know.  Change is good but some change is hard to move on from.  We were friends, fellow moms, teens at heart.  We did not always see eye to eye, the next day it was forgotten and we all were there for one another.  So in some regards it is not fair but it’s a little thing we call life.  We move on the best we can.  We learn and know that we are doing the best we can every day with what we know.  The kids grow, flourish and are under the watchful eye of so many.

If we had one more day….I would not call you to have dinner (well because you know you would have to fix it for me)…..I would do what we are doing tonight.  Happy hour, in the back yard, glasses raised.  I am making our special chips and onion dip (with love) and of course there will be chicken dip.  We may get lucky and Kelly will bring her special goldfish but I hope not the Woven Wheats.  It won’t be the same but you would tell us to get over it and move on.  Click our glasses and put on our big girl pants.  You meant so much to so much and were the kick in all our pants………..

I share this again with tears in my eyes…..because to all my girlfriends I love you dearly and could not do it without you.  Our daily group texts are that kick in the pants I need to keep on keeping on.  It’s that inside joke that puts a smile on my face after a long day.  Or just the safe place to complain and clink a virtual glass.

When the Words Fail me…………