The Ocean……Vote for some House Art (GIVEAWAY)

9/19/17 – WINNER WINNER is Karen Nofziger!!!  Please email me your address at to claim your prize I am on a quest to find the perfect photo(s) to go in my bedroom which means playing tourist in my own city.  This past weekend was Oceanside […]

My hummingbirds are back…Crazy Bird Lady

Speaking of Mother Nature…..crazy bird lady is back!  I am on a daily rotation of emptying my hummingbird feeder’s and even added a new one to the mix this year (thanks to Mary and Danielle!). There is just something about 15 of these birds dive […]

I’m Back and Taking In Nature

I am back…..back to blogging, writing, to life and art!  We had some adjusting to do with travel, work and kids going back to school. But yes they are off to 10th grade!  They have their driver’s permits now! I have returned from some big […]

Making time to stop and smell the flowers…

Well, I would like to say that time is on my side but…… is not always.  Lately I am trying to carve out time to fit in as much as I can to relax.  This past weekend my focus was my wine barrel which I […]

Life’s Lessons……

Life has a way of teaching you lots of lessons…….. Some things to remember… Let go of those who are already gone. – People will come and go in your life.   Sometimes you share a chapter with people and sometimes a whole book.  It […]

Bulldog Golf – Mom Brag

Another couple of sports seasons are behind us and this time it is Golf for Joey.  You hope as a parent that each kid will find their interest and try new things. I am happy to say that I have seen that in all my […]

Happy Mother’s Day 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!  The best and most proud title that I have is Mother to these kiddos… world I dedicate this post to my mom who reminds me what it means to stand behind her kids every day.  She reminds me that mothering does not have […]

Feeding the Soul…In it’s Own Time

Of late some things that I have missed has been writing and painting….well I am happy to say my creative love for writing has hit me and I am loving the freedom of my fingers flying on the keyboard.  The response has been so nice! […]