I am back among the land of the living.  After last Monday’s Mixed Media Monday I went down for the count.  I was sick all week and I absolutely am the worst patient.  I hate to be in bed doing nothing but this one warranted I do just that.  I only a cheated a few times with my laptop.  So I am happy to be finally sharing the piece I painted Monday LIVE……


It felt so great to be back and after working at the DecoArt booth at CHA I came back so inspired!  Being down for the week was hard.  I just placed a HUGE DecoArt Media order so stay tuned for restocking and NEW products/colors!


Remember if you are not logged in you cannot participate in the chat live.  It is FREE and FUN!  I apologize for the Ustream issues however it is FREE and INTERATIVE.  I love to see the chat going and the connections you all make while I am painting.  If you missed the recording you can catch it HERE PART 1:
PART 2: Just added a few details
PART 3: (Talk about varnishes and finishes)
PART 4: (final details and title)

PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTING HERE...SOLD!  Thank you to all who are purchasing my original paintings!  Products used in my work can be purchased in my Shop.


Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  Mixed Media Monday’s!  I am excited to be back next Monday on our regular schedule. THANK YOU!  See you Monday LIVE!

Life isn’t a straight line.  There isn’t one right path for you or anyone else.  And there isn’t a set timeline of milestones.  You’re allowed extra time when you need it.  You’re allowed to backtrack.  You’re allowed to figure out what inspires you at different stages of your life.  Life is meant to be a series of zigs and zags.  It should look like a mess, but a beautiful mess.  So whatever situation you’re in right now, just know that it can change if you want it to.  It’s up to you.  You just have to turn yourself around and choose something new.”