We are back for Mixed Media Monday.  It is so great to be back!  Spring was in the air and we had another colorful night with lots of DecoArt Mixed Media textures and colors!!  Here is what I painted Monday LIVE……


Here is the list of materials that I used to create this page…


Remember if you are not logged in you cannot participate in the chat live.  It is FREE and FUN!  I love to see the chat going and the connections you all make while I am painting.  I apologize for the Ustream issues that were beyond my control but the show continues to be Free and more importantly FUN!   If you missed the recording you can catch it PART 1:
PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTING HERE!  Thank you to all who are purchasing my original paintings!  Products used in my work can be purchased in my Shop.

I appreciate everyone tuning in and welcome to everyone who was new to Michigan Media Monday!  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  Mixed Media Monday’s!  It is free to tune in and use the supplies you have!!  It is all about the inspiration and letting it go.  I will see you next week, Monday – March 30th to close out this month!

Until then…keep on creating!

Someday when you least expect it life will blindside you with necessary chaos.  And once the chaos has ended, you won’t remember exactly how it all transpired, how you made it through, or where you found the strength you needed to carry on.  You won’t even be sure whether the chaos has completely ended.  But there is one thing you can be sure about:  When it does finally come to an end, you will be a much stronger person than who you were before it happened, which is precisely why it was necessary.”