Thank you for another fun Mixed Media Monday!  It is such a great way to start the week!  I hope I inspired you to pick up your paint brushes.  Thanks to all who joined us LIVE!.  Here is what I painted Monday LIVE……



Remember if you are not logged in you cannot participate in the chat live.  It is FREE and FUN!  I love to see the chat going and the connections you all make while I am painting. Please enjoy the video HERE  from last night…
PURCHASE ORIGINAL PAINTING HERE!  Thank you to all who are purchasing my original paintings!  Products used in my work can be purchased in my Shop.


It was great and happy to share my studio, time and family with you all.  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  Mixed Media Monday’s!  It is truly about the inspiration and letting it go. Just a reminder to check out my calendar of events for classes and Mixed Media Monday Dates.  Let’s have an awesome and creative JUNE!

Until then…do something creative everyday!

The most effective way to prevent what’s negative is to promote what’s positive.  The best way to influence bad behavior is not to control, regulate or demand, but to inspire, motivate and lead by example.  You get more reward from your efforts when they’re applied in a positive direction.  So instead of rebelling against what you dislike, work to build and support what you value and admire. Be a positive force by acting with positive resolve.  Ultimately, happiness comes a lot easier when you stop complaining about your problems and you start being grateful for all the problems you don’t have.  Although every day may not be good, there’s always something good about every day.  Appreciating these good things, and feeding off their positive energy to create positive action, is what makes a good life in the end.”