It was great to be back home and at Mixed Media Monday!  It was a great night full of DecoArt Americana color! Here is what I painted LIVE last night……


MATERIALS LIST:  (DecoArt Products can be purchased online HERE)

Remember if you are not logged in you cannot participate in the chat live.  It is FREE and FUN!  I love to see the chat going and the connections you all make while I am painting. Please enjoy the video HERE
I love how easy this page was!!


I thank you all for joining me in my Studio and allowing me to create from the heart and hip!  So many wonderful things unfolding and happy to be sharing it creatively with you all!  Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  Mixed Media Monday’s!  It is truly about the inspiration and letting it go. Just a reminder to check out my calendar of events for classes and Mixed Media Monday Dates. Our next Mixed Media Monday LIVE is Monday, September 4th where I will debut my NEW AND IMPROVED STUDIO REMODEL!  So many great changes and I am excited to share the process as I go along!  Check out my Facebook page for updates and VIDEOS as I go through this process:

Until then…do something creative everyday!

Letting go of control multiplies the potential for gratitude. – Sometimes we put too much weight into trying to control every tiny aspect of our lives that we completely miss the forest for the trees. – Learn to let go, relax a bit and ride the path that life takes you sometimes.  Try something new, be fearless, but above all else, do your best and be OK with it.  Clearing yourself of needless expectations lets you truly experience the unexpected.  And the greatest joys in life are often the unexpected surprises and opportunities you never anticipated.