The last Mixed Media Monday of September!!  This one was all about the crackle and texture!  It was fun to see where the page took me.  We played with DecoAret Media Line on a 12 X 12 canvas.  Here is what I painted LIVE last night……


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Purple2 Purple3
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Remember if you are not logged in you cannot participate in the chat live.  It is FREE and FUN!  I love to see the chat going and the connections you all make while I am painting. Please enjoy the video HERE
I really enjoyed this canvas!….

I thank you all for joining me in my NEW Studio! Don’t forget to join our Facebook Group HERE:  Mixed Media Monday’s!  It is truly about the inspiration, the connections and letting it go. Just a reminder to check out my calendar of events for classes and Mixed Media Monday Dates. Our next Mixed Media Monday LIVE is Monday, October 5th!  

Until then…do something creative everyday!

Focus on Now – A lot of life’s complications come from future possibilities or things that might happen.  Sometimes it’s things that might be unpleasant, or overwhelming.  Sometimes we’re afraid of failure, or success.  Life is simpler if you focus on the here and now.  It’s fine to plan for the future, but don’t stress about it.  If you find yourself wondering how you’ll cope with tomorrow, or next week, remind yourself that you’re here now.  You can do what needs doing today, and nothing more.  Have faith that you’ll be ready for tomorrow, or the next day, when it arrives.”