MMM1 (2)What is Mixed Media Monday you ask?  It is creative time for US….the artist, the busy parent, kids of all ages, and creative souls who need to carve out that time!  It is every Monday at 6:00 pm (Pacific time) on Ustream.  The cost?  Free.  It is time for me to invite fellow like-minded, passionate and colorful people in my studio to go on an hour long journey with me to see where a painting takes us.

That is right….with little to no prep every week I grab an 11″ X 14″ piece of Mixed Media paper and paint LIVE right from the heart and in my Studio.  I record the entire process.  I go step-by-step using my favorite products to create a colorful original painting.  Some paintings are based on the mood I am in, techniques I love or just want to try (some work and some do not) or prodding from my LIVE Audience.

Here is a sampling of those original paintings:


You can login in for FREE using a name/password my Ustream Channel: and chat LIVE while I am painting.  I have three awesome moderators:  Lori, Andy and Mary who answer questions in case I miss them while I am painting (and I do get “in the zone).  Everyone interacts, chats and bonds are formed each week.  I encourage those to participate in the LIVE Chat.  It is a great way to share the inspiration and get involved.  You can also login as a guest and watch for free.  We have a Facebook Mixed Monday Group you can join to continue that interaction:

Mixed Media Monday started at a time in my life where I sold a business, changed the direction of my life personally and I needed to find myself.  Through sharing my artwork and my journey on Mixed Media Monday I realized I was not alone and took the leap hoping I would grow wings on the way down.  I have met so many wonderful people, artists and those who share this crazy thing called life with me.  They choose to spend their valuable 1.5 hours with me and I try to entertain through the enter creative process (yes, I will break out into random songs, stories about my family and more!)  I even had had my parents (Glue Mom and Glue Dad) who are the first two original fans of Mixed Media Monday join in LIVE.  My Dad (My Dad is a favorite guest artist LIVE in the Studio…he is my original Bob Ross).

It has led me to work with awesome companies such as DecoArt, Inc. and several more.  It also provided an avenue this year to come out with my own Stamp Line with Dare 2b Artzy:

Stamps (2)

It has given me is the confidence to get over my fear of public speaking in order to share my passion for art and inspiration.  We are all creative and sometimes need that push to LET IT GO and just CREATE!  We buy the supplies, paints, paint brushes, adhesives and SO MUCH MORE and now it is time to USE IT!  Some pieces work and some are not my favorites however I see each and every piece to the creative end in 1 hour!  and that does sometimes mean me Letting it Go and not focusing on what I don’t like but what I do like about each and every pieces.

I welcome those…..beginners to advanced to take things they see from each episode and create their take on that piece.  The following day I upload the video, detailed photos and the complete supply list including the colors to my blog:  Click HERE for Mixed Media Monday Re-Caps:

Last week I created this original piece featured HERE:

What Mixed Media Mondays means to others in their words:

Pam Kaliher I found MMM during a really dark and sad time in my life (lost my job of almost 20 years). Tracy and her wonderful group were the shining light that brought laughter, inspiration, and encouragement to my life when I needed it most. For that I am sincerely grateful.

Heather Thompson Tracy has been an inspiration to both me and my daughter Olivia, she has provided the gift of art for Olivia where I struggle. The group is always encouraging and supportive. I can’t thank Tracy or the group enough for all that they have provided for Olivia and me.

Ann-Marie O’Rourke Lafrenaye Writing is so not my thing but I will Since find MMM on line it has opened a whole new work and experience for me. I have found a place that I belong too with other wonderful people who like to create just like me

Kerri Bloodgood Lupfer Where to start. Watching MMM has given me the confidence to try painting. And the techniques have been “aha” moments for me. I am a rubber stamper and card maker. Still venturing into mixed media and I love that the supplies overlap. MMM has been a wonderful source for support, information, and just go for it attitude. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my pea sized black heart.

Sandy Santilli  This is a long overdo “thank you”. A friend of mine told me I should check out MMM to get some stress relief from work several months ago. I had no paints so I went and bought a few. It only took one time and I was hooked! I use the DecoArt products almost exclusively now (love them). I have gone from having no paints to having no room . Anyway, Tracy, thank you for everything you do. You have made a huge difference in my life and I look forward to my Mondays. Well off I go to paint tonight….thank you again.
A much calmer Sandra Santilli.

Cindi Hooks Mixed Media Monday’s have made me love Mondays. not many people can say that.

Kay Purinton Horner I have learned so much in just the short time since discovering MMM. I’ve been going through some stressful times this past year, with the loss of several family members and friends, so motivation to do anything crafty has been next to nil. Then I discovered Tracy through Andy Skinner and my Monday nights totally changed. Not only is Tracy inspiring she is also very entertaining. Laugh out Loud funny. I can have a rotten day and MMM will bring a smile to my face and also get me wanting to do something creative. I am so grateful to have found this group. Thank you Tracy!

Marcia Hultman There are so many things about MMM night, that should be mentioned but the BEST one is …it is a place for creativity and open membership without ANY judgment……a place to share what is on one’s mind, have a laugh or two or a thousand, sit and let the world rush by, learn a new trick or technique and grant the watcher a new group that is family…….all the while, if one chooses, to do so in their jammies and enjoying a wine or cocoa…….and when the night is over, there will be a new piece of artwork for the watcher and a chance to do it all over again….the next Monday!!!! Pretty great return for an hour’s very enjoyable time well spent!

Bonnie Knight Sato MMM is about inspiration, community and fun. I count on those Monday night crazy times to keep me grounded in my art.

Eddyth Andy Watson Tracy Weinzapfel Stratton, when life just totally stinks I can always count on MMM to cheer me up and I can just forget all that’s wrong in the world for awhile! You not only inspire with your art but with your infectious personality! The group is so caring and thoughtful it’s a safe place to share. I also love that I can watch MMM with my daughter!

Tommy Jo Vilello Anderson It’s MMM to most, but for me, it’s coffee and art with my friends. An hour and a half of pure fun and art inspiration. What I like most is that there are ‘accidents’ that prove that our gallant teacher is human. There is laughter and tears that prove our group is loving, accepting and compassionate. My Monday art date with friends has given me the courage to finally share my closeted artistry. You, Tracy, inspire all level of artists to believe in there artistry.

Here are the Details:

Ustream Channel:
Cost: Free
Time:  6:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time) so check your local times zones
Please check my Calendar of Events HERE for the schedule:
Videos are uploaded to my YouTube Account:

I thank those who share their Monday’s with me to start out our week in a creative way!  Thank you to Interactive Artist Magazine for asking me to share my Mixed Media Monday journey.  I invite everyone to join me in my Studio weekly!

Contact Tracy Weinzapfel at [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring or having your product(s) featured on Mixed Media Monday!