I am not a resolutions girl.  I do have a Bucket List (which I should update and share). I do however come up with ONE WORD for the year.  I loved the book ONE WORD.  It is a great and fast read for the new year.  If you have not read it I highly suggest it:

Announcing my One Word for 2022…..RISE

Why rise?  Because for a long time due to certain situations where I stumbled in life I was almost afraid to get ahead.  Sure, I always get back up and dust myself off.  I rise from those ashes but have always been afraid that yet again the rug would be pulled out from under me.  So overly cautious has been my MO (Modus operandi) and the pattern I fall into.  Now my kids are off and finding their paths and it is my time to take some chances and rise.  Yes, I have use the term before to rise above maybe how someone was acting or treating me.  My words extend beyond Rise above….

I want to rise and these Lyrics describe that….Rise by Calum Scott

I’ve been staring at the coastline
Thinking of every choice I’ve made
To lead me here right now
Standing on solid ground
And I’ve been hiding in the shadows
Wondering if I’m on the right road
Some place I’ve never been
Is this how it all begins?
Cause I’ve got my best DRESS on and I’m ready
I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and I’ll be on my way
While my heart’s thumping, boom-boom, boom-boom
You’re gonna see me rise
Oh, and rise, rise, rise, rise
For every valley, there’s a mountain
For every answer, there’s a new question
Is it worth all this?
I’m pushing myself to the edge
‘Cause we’re all looking for a reason
Find a shelter from the storm within
Just keep your eyes ahead
And dust yourself off again
You’re gonna see me rise
You’re gonna see me rise
Not how you fall back down
But how you get back up

and I have a song to go along with it (Thanks Donna!)…

Looking back over the years I have selected these words:

2020 –  Aim
2019 – Empower
2018 – Power
2017 – Purpose
2016 – More
2015 – Write
2014 – Believe
2013 – Breathe
2012 – Patience
2011 – Trust

Thanks to all who are sharing their One Word and Why on my Facebook page!  That has been so nice to read!