Time Out In Our House

Joey gets Time Out today and has to go to his room.  It is awfully quiet so I go check on him.  Quiet is never good but this time it was.   He got out that doggy sleeping bag and camped out in his doorway.  Now […]

A Day In th Life of Me…

7:00 am Wake-up/shower and get the day started.  8:15 am Take Tyler to School8:30-10 am – Workout.  Burned 600 calories..thanks Victoria for the motivation10:15 – Micky’s haircut11 :00 am – Costco and grocery store.  Gotta get food and thank you cards for coaches.  Made about […]

Memorial Day Wishes…

Today I hope we all remember those who served and are serving to protect our freedom.  That includes my dad, uncle and husband who all served.  For my friend’s brother who left this past week for the Middle East.  I pray for safety.  I feel […]

Boxed and Ready to go!

Well, I wanted to do five projects for my deadline but did four. I am very happy with all of them!  I created this cute altered purse for Micky.   Too bad I had to mail it.  I will be creating a second one for her […]

I am alive!

Ok, looks like I survived this darn cold.  What a drag.  I lumbered through our field trip today at the Wild Animal Park.  In spike of being sick it was fun.  One of the mom’s got this shot of me "resting".  I came home and […]

Sick of Being Sick

Who gets sick this time of year?…….ME!  I had a miserable day.  This was one of those days where I woke up,showered and thought I could take on the day.  I thought wrong. I pretty much got Tyler off to school and I was back […]

Queen of the Castle

Yesterday Pete said something yesterday when he was in my office.  He said I had the quite the castle (my office).  I had to agree with him and I replied "I am the Queen of the castle".  I really meant it.  Our house is my […]

Sick but still ticking.

Oh hum….I am sick.  Man, I hate that but it is pretty much my own fault.  I guess the human body can only take so much.  Too much activity and not enough sleep is not a good combination.  So I have a sore throat to […]