Road trip

Where do I begin to descibe this little trip other than to say "Woo Hoo!"!  I a so excited to share my mini road trip.  Susan and I took a road trip to Palm Springs.  This trip is special for a few reasons.  First off, […]

The Great Outdoors

The lighting in our local mountains change every hour.  Yesterday I lugged my camera up while hiking to capture that golden light when the sun starts to set. I would like to introduce you to my shadow…..She loves my singing, follows me just about everywhere […]

My take on Baby Books

What do you think of when you see books like this? You know the ones your kids knawed and chewed on until they had cardboard coming out the other end?  Some people see just a cardboard book but I see this: I have a whole […]

My Baby is Losing Baby Parts

First camp and now this! Joey lost his first tooth today.  Pretty soon it will be facial hair, college and frat parties.  I mean, once the baby teeth go what is left?  OK, so it is only the first one so I can calm down.  […]

New Medium

I am always leary to try a new medium but it is important for me to take the leap and try new things.  My latest medium is acrylic…..It is not forgiving and you have to have the right adhesive, something strong and clear and Helmar […]

Cub Scouts Camp

Joey was up at the crack of dawn putting on his cub scout camp shirt, making his own lunch, brushing his teeth and getting his water bottle ready.  I had to tell him to go sit for 45 minutes until his ride got here.  I […]

Good friends and Cooties

Let the temperatures fly……..Tyler is sick.  What a bummer.  My adventures in sickness started last night at midnight.  My dear friend was a friend indeed at midnight last night and thankfully she called me.  Janine developed a bad eye infection and last night it became […]

Sunday Skiing and Sun Worshipping

Today was our day of "rest".  OK, there is no such thing.  We took the jet ski’s out to the ocean today.  The sun was shining and the skis were tuned up.  We invited some friend’s of ours to go along.  We have found that […]