Where In the World Is Tracy?

……….I am in Traverse City, Michigan and it feels like paradise.  I so owe an update and it is coming.  I think a few slide shows are in order too.  But for now here is what life looks like……. We are living it up on […]

Capture-A-Memory Scrappers are the Best!

and I am not just saying that!  The gals at Capture-A-Memory in Flint, Michigan welcomed me and right off I knew I would love this sold-out group!  They were a lively and talented bunch……… My mom went along as my own personal paparazzi to ‘capture […]

Go Right through for MSU…….

I think we need a theme song for this post and it is my College Alma Mater’s Fight Song…………Michigan State University Ok, that is better.  Today we headed to the Michigan State campus to sight-see, shop and see our friend’s Julie and Jaden.  First we […]

Fishing, Archery and Canoing all in one Day!

We packed in a lot of fun all in one day.  Having California kids they are experiencing lots of new things on this trip: bug spray (can you believe they have never had on bug spray?) Micky wondered why I was spraying sunscreen on her […]

Wii Wacky Fun!

Oh my goodness I love my crazy family.  So we brought the Wii along and of course my family jumped right into the competitive action.  We had a bracket system with double elimination and everything (and you wonder why I am so competitive!). I think […]

Who Says you Can’t Go Home?

As coined by Bon Jovi "Who Says you Can’t Go Home?" but boy oh boy has it changed.  I think we need some music here……… Who Says You Can’t Go Home lyrics – Bon Jovi lyrics Who Says You Can’t Go Home Video – Bon […]

Midwest Here We come!

Michigan here we come…..our vacation officially starts on Friday.  We are headed to Michigan to see the family.  This is kind of a dream trip for me because I have always wanted to take the kids to see where I grew up and what Michigan […]

Wow Thank You!

I have gotten such great emails and comments from some great ladies at CHA!  First off to Amber, I am a bit scared Helmar may look to hire you after reading your blog post!  Dawn you very sweet to mention us here.  I have gotten […]