Welcome to my heaven…

I get a lot of emails asking where I keep things in my studio so I decided to take my Flip Video around and give you a brief tour.  Now keep in mind this is my fourth video, there is no editing (obviously), the people […]

My Video Debut!

Well, I was hoping to share the video right here on my website but I just cannot wait.  The video we made with Beth Williams, the Editor of Memory Makers Magazine has been released….. Click HERE (click on New CHA Videos/Helmar) to see my video […]

Cats and plumbing…..never a dull moment!

What is my deal with cat’s this year?  I have scrapped more pictures of cats this year than I have in my lifetime!  Gee, maybe I should just get one since I have all these cat themed items now.  Now, I will wear a striped […]

Take a Hike with Me

Tonight I returned to one of my favorite places………Mt. Everest.  I returned to hiking and lugged all those potato chips, beers, and blocks of cheese I ate on vacation with me.  It felt like it was Mt. Everest since I have not been on the […]

It’s that time of year again

when you see mother’s everywhere doing a strange dance.  There is a strange pep in our step and a grin on our faces.  Yep people………….IT IS BACK TO SCHOOL DAY.  It is the day we drive and ditch those kids on our teachers and wave […]

Putting it all out there…………..

OK, I promised to embarrass myself so here goes….while on vacation………oh, there is just no way to justify this behavior so here goes absolutely nothing……..or as we like to call it our dress rehearsal As performed for the family…….. Now you must be thinking it […]

Getting back on my Feet

Summer is quickly coming to a close and I am trying to get back on my feet so what better way than to share my latest publications that came while I was on vacation…. Now that is what I call some great mail!  I was […]

Vacation Complete!

We are home again.  Pete picked up the kids and I today and as usual I had to hit the ground running…I arrived home to messages from soccer coaches, the reality of our plumbing failure while I was gone, 1 month of vacation laundry, and […]