Fun meeting Stacy Julian!

The CHA trade show had lots of highlights and so many fun moments.  One of those highlights was having Stacy Julian stop by with Big Picture Scrapbooking teacher Tami Morrison.  I have always been a big fan of Stacy's work and her committment to this industry.  […]

CHA Supershow Recap

Direct from the Helmar blog: Friday and Saturday I had the pleasure of demonstrating the Helmar products at the CHA Supershow at the Stamping Details Booth.  I have to admit it was a bit daunting to see my name in lights but fun… I had a great […]

CHA Here I Come!

I am happy to have the bags packed, the kid's schedule set for my parents and the pallets on the way for the Helmar USA, Inc. Booth at CHA!  Please make sure to stopy by to try out products, create a fun make 'n take, […]

CHA Projects ~ Best Creations

This past week I took the time to sit down and do what I love the best……Create!  Part of working with a great glue company is having an unending supply of glue but unfortunately not an un-ending amount of time to just glue.  Another benefit […]

CHA Winter Convention & Supershow

We are packing up the truck and heading to Anaheim this week and I am getting excited.  For those of my non-crafting friends, CHA is the Fashion Week or Super Bowl of the craft business.  It is where new products are released and all the […]

CHA, Doctors, ER and more!

I have been a bad blogger with good intentions.  Between CHA preparations, ER trip and doctors visits my cup runneth over.  One ER trip for Dad who took a tumble on his bike.  He is a-okay but has lots of road rash to remember this […]

Where I am headed……CHA Winter 2010!

I know I have been a bad blogger but I have a great reason.  I have literally been cutting and gluing until I have blisters on my fingers.  I wanted to share where I will be next week as that is what all the preparation […]

January Happenings

Oh how I want to share all the photos that are sitting inside my cameras right now!  I have tons to share and not one second to empty those memory cards.  I have been to Disney, saw a LIVE Detroit Red Wings Game, San Diego […]