Take me out to the Ballgame…

Saturday was a busy one filled with two baseball games at the same time.  I sometimes feel like setting my chair up between fields and watching them like a tennis match.  Instead I just rush back and forth to catch the boys at bat.  This […]

Back to Reality

This week kids are back to school and sports.  So our lives are filled with practices and games.  Seems like it is very far and few between where we get a free night at home.  Tyler's team is having a rough season but he looks […]

One of my Biggest Fans

So one of my biggest Blog fans may just be one of my Uncles.  He checks in regularly to see how I am, why have I not up-dated in a few days and just emails me to make me smile (which he always does).  I […]

All Aboard……Amtrak!

Our final Spring Break adventure found us on a train last Friday heading North up the Coast.  We boarded the Surfliner Amtrak train and rode it to San Juan Capistrano to visit our dear friends Gigi and Darrell.  It was a quick visit due to […]

More Adventures from Spring Break…Egg Hunt

Saturday before Easter our Church puts on a large egg hunt in their future church site.  The kids love this.  This year they had over 1800 eggs scattered.  Each kid got 32 eggs and off they went…….       Egg hunts are not just for kids…teenagers love […]

Holiday Traditions…..Easter Eggs

I love holiday traditions.  Every holiday there are a list of things that need to be checked off.  Easter is no different and my favorite tradition is the egg dying.  I make sure we have plenty of colors, a minimum of 18 eggs (which trust […]

One Lucky Mom

Again, I am a bad blogger but I have been so busy with work and kids home on spring break.  I am unloading photos as we speak from a fun week…in the meantime I will share my teenage budding chef………… It is no secret that I […]

Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Well, it was not a joke after all.  The video of Tyler made the monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  I woke him up to see it last night and we laughed so much.  It was fun to share his 2 seconds of fame. (If you are reading this […]