Happiness…Daily Inspiration Page

I seem to have a thing for butterflies. I buy lots of butterfly stamps and have been dying to use the news ones I got from Stampendous!  This quote by Thoreau worked perfectly for the latest page in my Inspiration Journal:  MATERIALS LIST: Helmar Decoupage […]

Daily Inspiration Page…Right Where You Should Be

Gee, it has been awhile since I put out our Daily Inspiration Challenge that I started on May 4th!  it is not over.  I had originally planned on working on this in May/June and I am nearly done with it.  I already have my next […]

First Studio Class!

What a great time we had for my first In-Studio Class!  It was great having all my creative tools at our fingertips to play with and just create freely.  I love to create and even more I love to share that.  First it was all […]

I am on a Journey…Inspiration Page

Aren't we all on a journey?  Sometimes the journey feels rawer and scarier than other parts of the journey but finding what speaks to you is part of it.  I love how the pages in my journal are speaking to me.  I love how a […]

The Furball goes on a Field Trip

While most days this is how Penny passes her time….. We decided to take Penny out for the day and take her to her first dog park.  Now please understand the last place I ever thought I would find myself is a dog park but […]

CK Guest Blogger!

What a busy week it has been and one to be thankful for!  I had the honor of being Creating Keepsakes Guest Blogger Friday. I have had a Life List since way before "The Bucket List" (one of my favorite movies!) came out.  I have had […]

Good Bye Middle School….Hello High School!

Last week I had the honor of seeing Tyler promote from 8th grade to a Freshman in High School! Just yesterday here he was going into kindergarten!  and here he is today  so proud…..  I have mixed feelings about all the hoopla over promotions (i.e. preschool, […]

No Mo’ Curlz!

Oh what a difference a haircut can make!  Tyler has been know for his curls and even has the nickname "Curlz" but that is no more!  Last week he came home and decided he wanted to have his hair cute!  I was suprised but took […]