Week 1 – September 3rd Canvas Art Journal

Thank you for joining me for Week #1 in our canvas art journal!  The first thing you need to know is I will be listing items I suggest you have on hand but they are not necessary!  I will also make suggestions of substitution products.  […]

Back to School!

As much as I am not ready for summer to end….I was ready for school to begin.  I LOVE (and LIVE) for back to school pictures.  With my teenager it has turned into a bribing situation but he knows I will bater for those beloved photos!  […]

Monday Night Creative Workout – 8/27/12 Recap

I have been so busy in my studio and at home.  I feel like Monday nights have become my scheduled time at the gym. You know how they say to put it on your calendar and it takes three weeks to form a habit.  We […]

You make a Difference…

Yesterday I ran into an old friend….one who had inspired me in the past (unknowingly)……..she is going through a tough time.  We talked, we shared in the middle of Costco.  I felt in that moment that just SOME of my experiences were to be shared.  […]

Good-bye Summer…Hello Soccer Mom!

This weekend was the calm before the storm…the sports storm.  Summer has come to a quick end and life as I know it is gone.  Saturday started the season of soccer for Joey and next weekend starts travel soccer for Tyler.  It is going to […]

Two-Pack Canvas Journals!

Remember what I shared last week HERE and on Monday night?.  Well, there has been a creative hum in my studio…not the typical hum of paint brushes and paints but that of my beloved sewing machine….. Me of all people is sewing and loving it!  […]

“Create Joy” Monday Night Fun!

Most times on our Monday Night LIVE time I have some sense of colors, or a theme, direction of where I would like to head.  Then there are some where I let everyone take the lead and suggest colors, materials and just trust the journey.  […]

Awesome Weekend…Charger Girls!

What an absolutely awesome weekend!  It was filled with my kids, great friends and even a Charger game!  Tina, Lori, Kelly and I hit the stadium Saturday night..the new or is that senior Charger Girls… I have not tailgated is so long! Rest assued it […]