Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 4/29/13 – Dear Me…….as I turn 43.

This week I was inspired to look back at some baby photos of myself…(sorry mom & dad for this look back LOL) and what would I say to that girl….who has years ahead of herself to change and grow.     So I did just […]

Weekend Fun – Kids, Hiking, Art…Bliss!

This weekend left me feeling inspired, relaxed and happy to be a Mom.  Love when those worlds collide.  Kids were busy with  sports, friends, hosted a sleepover, and we even managed to get a hike in.  The 'happy" California cows gave the girls a scare […]

Mi Sueno New Crew!

I love water…..from the the beach, water-skiing, boating, to taking a bath being on the water is my bliss.  Water for me is such an amazing and wonderful place to be.  When you can share that experience with friends it is all the better (not […]

“Dream” 20 X 24 Mixed Media Painting By Tracy Weinzapfel

I shared my first 20 X 24 painting HERE yesterday that shipped to the NAMTA show and today I share the second piece……. This piece presented more of a challenge as it needed to be more grunge which I am not as comfortable with but […]

“Inspiration” 20 X 24 Mixed Media Painting By Tracy Weinzapfel

The last few days have left me drained, elated and happy.  I have been busy pouring myself into two 20 X 24 paintings I was hired to paint for the NAMTA show.  I am thankful to work with such great companies that afford me the […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 4/22/13 – Be True to You

Tonight was all about free and easy.  Not over-thinking it and just gonig back to some bright colors that I love to work with.  I am finishing the last of the two 20 X 24 paintings that need to be shipped this week so this […]

Taking in the Weekend

Today I ran across this…….(thanks Bonita!) That describes my weekend perfectly:   Penny time…… Lots of outside time……………Farmer's Market in Little Italy which is one of my favorites places on a beautiful San Diego Day where I smelled the roses.   Supported a good friend […]

Some Days Are Diamonds……

I live a creative life and one that is not so conventional. I know not everyone gets that.  I am an entrepreneur.  I have made my passion, my art, my life and part of my job.  I know not everyone gets that.  When you meet […]