Happy Birthday Timmy!

Happy 41st Birthday to my baby brother.  To the best brother who keeps me laughing, crying and is always there for me.   I know not always easy growing up in my footsteps…….intelligence, humor, talent, and good looks to name a few (I know…an endless […]

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday to our Superman: Dad, Husband and Grandpa…   Proud to be your Daughter…….   Thank you for every nickel you allow me to drop in the jar and always reminding me that “some days are diamonds and some are stone”.  For being the […]

Rampage Basketball………

Love seeing my girl play basketball.  I see a whole different side of her on the courts…   It is a special group of girls who are out there week after week with Coach! Really really proud of these Rampage girls!  Time to make it […]

Be YOU in all you DO!

I have felt inspired of late but time has not been on my side.  Any chance I get I am digging out that “Let it Go” Journal and just getting my ideas down.  This has led to greater inspiration for Mixed Media Mondays and really […]

A Very Special Gift………

My Dad is one of the most amazing Artists I know.  He is a low-key, simple guy and is like no other.  I am blessed to have many traits from my Dad (I would like to think my creativity) and my Mom (we can kill […]

Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to two people who came along and made my heart grow immensly.   12 years ago you came along and I am honored to be your Mom.  Although twins and similar in so many ways…you are two amazing different individuals.  May I as […]

Mixed Media Monday Re-Cap 11/19/13 – “Steps”

This Mixed Media Monday was so relaxing in my Studio!  I enjoyed every bit of the page we created.  This painting was inspired by my “Let It Go” Journal so fun to pull from ideas that I am playing around with.  Here is the 11 […]

Create from the Heart

Yesterday was one of those days that a few nice things came back in unexpected ways.  I have found that when you create from your heart…….it is truly amazing.  I saw this quote and it hit me…..   I used to be Ms. OverThinker, Ms. […]